Montessori Children's House - A Montessori Center on Portland's Riverfront
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About Montessori Children's House

Founded September 2010

Montessori Children's House is in the tradition of the many outstanding Montessori programs for young children throughout the US and the world. We offer a true home away from home where the child thrives, learns, and feels the security and stimulation that allow her to fly. (We couldn’t help but choose the great blue heron for our logo, especially with the famous Ross Island heron rookery just beyond our doorstep.)

We have mixed-age groups: Two toddler classes for children under three, and two primary classes with approximately 20-22 children ranging from three years up through and including kindergarten age. We are enrolling children for the primary class now and for our toddler community to begin in spring or fall of 2018. Remaining spaces are limited, however, so contact us today.
Child using soundbox materials

We offer a 5-day week for the children. MCH is open until 5:30 p.m. to meet the needs of some of our parents. We also accept a limited number of children to start as early as 7:45 a.m. We are closed during normal school holidays such as winter break, spring break, and national holidays. We offer an optional summer program.

Children receiving a lesson on the stair tower

Beyond Childhood
Our work at the Montessori Children's House is rooted in very specific principles, methods, and materials for working with young children. These roots give rise to a flowering that has the potential to change the world. As Dr. Maria Montessori grew older, traveled the world, lived through times of enormous change and two world wars, she had a great realization: Positive social change, world peace and progress ALL depend on a revolution in what is fundamental to the nature of human society... and that is the child. We share a belief that what you and we are doing in our lives with children is working toward something even more awesome than the flowering of your son or daughter, but the flowering of a better world.

Together we learn as much as we can about the potential that a young child carries within and our part in bringing that potential to realization. This is the joyful task that brings parents, children, and staff to a Montessori Children's House.
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